A look at the ACN company from someone who didn’t join

The American communications Network or ACN had had allot of publicity recently, it’s possible this is due to the aftermath from the last years economy which has been forcing a lot of people to change the way they think of “a secure job” and look to home based business as a solution. ACN also managed to get some great publicityby getting Donald Trump to endorse the company (I wonder, will Trump contine endorsing ACN now he has the Trump Network?)
But attention or not, the burning question is “Is this company right for me?”

Let’s explore the facts in more detail.

What they sell –
ACN is a phone/communication company, so the product you will be selling is phone plans especially long distance service. They offer a wide range of packages including long distance, local, internet, video phone

The company history –
This company started operations in 1993, founded by Gref Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, and Tony Cupisz. Since 1993 ACN have grown strongly, operating in 20 countries and claiming to produce $ 500 million in revenue annually (so far so good)

Compensation –
Err… trying to explain the way they work out the compensation hurts my head, really…. (Check out their website and have a try yourself if you’re game)

Good sides –
Great corporate leadership and company history, a staggering amount of new mlm companies fail in their first few years. ACN looks strong.

Bad sides –
Other than the business opportunity, I don’t see why people would use the product. From what i have seen they don’t have a very unique USP in a very competitive market. Plus there seems to be little incentive for finding customers as compared to new business builders, this creates a whole list of problems that I will go into in more detail in another article. (A widespread problem in network marketing)

The wrap up –
In summery No ACN is not a scam, it is a legitimate business model and quite a few people have had some real success in it.
The main thing you have to remember when looking at ACN or any network marketing opportunity is that the business itself won’t decide how successful you are, it’s all about you, and how effectively you promote, market, and sell yourself. It’s all about being a leader, as is learning effective marketing systems. Just talking to family and friends won’t cut it these days.

If your sponsor is telling you all you need to do to be successful is sponsor 2 or 3 people, GET OUT OF THERE.

You’re going to need a solid marketing strategy in place just like in any other business.

If you’re great at doing home meeting, hotel presentations, getting endless referrals from people you know, etc, then its possible that traditional mlm strategies will work for you.

If you’re like me and would rather work smarter than harder, then you’re going to want to use technology the smart way combined with more classic network marketing techniques, this is an essential skill set to have in any mlm business, if it’s ACN or anything else.
Using the internet to attract leads, and turn those leads into customers and distributors is not as hard as many people believe. Even people with limited computer experience should have no trouble in doing it, if they are taught how.
I wish you all the best in your success

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