ACN Scam Unveiled

ACN Scam Reviewed – A MLM company in the communications industry clamming to give their independent representatives an outstanding home based business opportunity but is that really true or is this just an ACN scam?

ACN has been around for nearly two decades but has just recently exploded after real estate mogul Donald Trump bought into the company. Not too long before “The Donald” bought in, he made a public statement that if he had to start all over and couldn’t do real estate, he would be in an MLM.

So how is ACN scamming people?

Let’s be perfectly clear on something, MLM companies have a very tough market, so the fact that ACN has been in business since 1993 really says something. On top of that, Donald Trump is not going to put his very public reputation on the line with a company that is running scams on people.

HOWEVER, there are some problems with ACN that I am going to expose right now.


ACN wants you to replace your communication technology such as phone, internet, and TV services, with their products. If you’re currently paying premium prices for these services, then it’s actually not a bad idea as you aren’t going to pay any more to use ACN and you have a business that you can write off taxes with.

If you are not paying premium prices for your services already then ACN products may not be the right fit for your needs. I have actually heard many people say that Skype’s phone service works just as well and that is free.


There is nothing wrong with the ACN business opportunity itself, it’s a good company, with decent products and value. The real problem is in how their people are being told to market the business.

You have most likely been told (if you are already in the company) or will be told (once you join the company), to make a friends and family list to call and pitch your wonderful “opportunity” to. You’ll be told to bug and pester the people you care about the most until they are sick of you and reluctantly cave in or they tell you to leave them the heck alone.

Old friends will warmly receive a long awaited call just to find out you want to sell them something and be totally turned off.

When you’ve completely exhausted your friends and family you’ll probably either be told to buy a cold calling list and dial 100 people at random every day. Or go chase people around Wal-Mart and the mall and ask complete strangers to listen to you give them a 5 minute presentation.

Does any of that sound like a recipe for success to you? Me neither!

It is of course possible to become successful doing those things. If you are one of the 3% of the population who enjoys chasing down strangers in public, pestering your friends and family and getting hung up on over and over again from cold calling, then by all means do it!

However, that WASN’T me and chances are pretty good that it isn’t you either. The fact is that 97% of all people who join an MLM will never make more than $ 500 at it and that is a big part of the reason why.

Fortunately there is a better, easier, more fun way to go about attracting business that I call Maverick Marketing. And the key word in that sentence is “attracting”.

In the last 10 years strategies have been pioneered by the Maverick Marketers that said NO to traditional MLM marketing techniques and YES to leveraging the power of the internet to literally attract hundreds and thousands of people into their business!

I’m not talking about spamming either. The people who run around the internet throwing their “product” and “opportunity” in your face all the time, don’t have a clue how to make a dime in this business.

It’s about learning how to brand yourself as a leader, distinguish yourself as someone of value, and get yourself in a position where people are emailing and calling you ASKING to join your team.

It’s about learning how to leverage the power of over 4 million people a day who are searching the internet for a home based business opportunity and you simply knowing how to be in the right place to get your piece of the pie.

And I am going to teach you how to do it, for FREE!

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