ACN Success Is It Impossible?

American Communications Network, or ACN as it is better known, is one of the most controversial business models in America today, though it has not received a lot of international publicity. The controversy in the US is over whether or not it is a genuine business opportunity or not. Can ACN success be achieved?

ACN offers a WAH (work at home) opportunity for people by getting them to sign up their friends, co-workers and anyone else they can in a commission based telecommunications sales network. In theory, it sounds great: everyone uses the phone and if you can get people signing up with this company, you will get a commission on every single phone call they make.

Like any MLM (multi-level marketing) enterprise, the higher you are on the list of sales representatives, the more money you can theoretically make. You are selling communications services. The company started out selling local and long distance phone calls, but has now expanded into the wireless phone network, satellite television and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

With such a product range and the backing up a prestigious business success like Donald Trump, ACN should be a raging success. It is, but it continues to be a struggle for them to convince people that they can join in the success by climbing aboard. How can you lose if you’re even getting a drop in the bucket of the telecommunications market?

Yet the bad press doesn’t stop. They show statistics that prove that the recruits who sign up generally drop out too quickly to earn you a commission and so you are forced to keep on finding people to pay the $ 499 fee required to become an authorized representative. They show figures that demonstrate how hard it is to recoup that original investment, much less start generating a monthly residual profit.

In other words, you will have to do a lot of work in order to be successful as an American Communications Network representative. You will also have to develop a marketing strategy that works for you. Those who have tried ACN and failed may give you your best clues for your own success.

That promise of easy money lures people who don’t have any. When they are trying to convince you that you can make money before they’ve made any themselves, are you going to be convinced? Are you going to believe that it’s easy money when you see them out there every day virtually pleading all their friends and co-workers to buy what they have to sell? That’s what they do, though, and that’s why most of them fail.

Failure is the rule and not the exception for the vast majority of start-up ventures. Those who make it, make it by learning from their mistakes and the mistakes of others and not giving up. Everytime they get knocked down, they get up again. Donald Trump didn’t make his millions by giving up or by trying the same tactics that didn’t work for him before again and again. If you want ACN success, you’ll get it the way you’ll get success in any other venture – by working hard and passionately to reach your goals.

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