Become Lastingly Rich, Successful, Abundant, and Fulfilled in Life

What if you knew your million dollar dream was assured and waiting for you? And what if you knew the exact location that held the deed to this fortune? What if your dreams were all but guaranteed, the only requirement being that you personally have to show up and retrieve the deed from a locked box located at the top of Mount Everest? And let’s suppose for a minute that I were to give you the key that unlocks that vault. Would you be interested?
o What would you do if you had a fear of heights?
o What kind of tools and equipment would you need and where would you find it?
o What route would you take to get to the top?
o What would you need to sacrifice to get there?
o Would you need to gain some knowledge first before you even got started?
o What kind of outfitters would you choose?
o How will you acquire the resolve that is strong enough to complete the journey?
Myth #1: More Money is the Answer
Unlike what the masses believe, more money alone is rarely ever the solution to your success and abundance problems. It’s the reasonwhy so many lottery winners end up broke, unhappy, bankrupt, and unfulfilled in just a few short years. That’s why great inheritances dwindle away, leaving the beneficiary despondent and often times worse off than when they started.
Take boxing great, Mike Tyson for example. He squandered a $ 300 million fortune, went to prison and filed for bankruptcy protection. Multi-millionaire restaurant mogul Bennihana has been depressed for years. Some of the richest and seemingly most successful stars are often times the most troubled. There are literally thousands of such examples. Plenty of money is present in all the examples but it has failed to produce the image of success and abundance many tend to think of.
A quick money scheme is rarely the solution in any circumstance – better financial literacy and mastery of success principles is. MLM is an awesome money producing vehicle, but without personal growth and development at its core, it is a mismatch for most people behind the wheel. You see it is mismanagement of cash flow that keeps most people cash poor, and a lack of applied spiritual success principles is what is keeping them from the success, happiness and abundance they desire.
What follows is a brief account that covers but a few of the important truths everyone needs to know about success. Some would call themthem secrets, because so little of the entire formula is ever revealed by some who claim they’ll teach you how to become abundantand Successful in life.
We define a “principle” as
a truth or law that governs. Principles work all the time. Think of gravity for instance
. Far too many key principles of wealth are overlooked or ignored altogether by the masses of people who seek to climb the MLM Wealth Mountain. Far too many people fail to achieve the success they desire as the result. Read the fine print or read between the lines of your companies income discloser and you realize that Rock Star results are often not typical. YOU MUST establish or have within you a strong success foundation if you ever hope to achieve the dramatic results that MLM Superstars claim. Is this kind of Superstar success everyone hears about really possible then for average people? Yes! When this success foundation is established it then becomes rather simple to apply any worthy system and produce the dramatic results you see. You can’t put the cart before the horse and expect to get anywhere. Your business can only grow at the rate you do. You are the business when it comes to MLM success.
Indeed these truths establish the foundation and bedrock upon which you will build life-long Success and Abundance. Without them, your success may be uncertain at best. It’s unfortunate that these truths rarely make it into the “flash you cash” marketing approach many wealth and success programs will try to sell you. That’s one reason that makes MLM so fantastic. A good MLM Sponsor or Company will help you get a degree in success and go out of their way to see you get it and continue to grow. If a program concentrates on recruiting and sales techniques only then they never address the root of the problem and the cause for attrition and down line failure. Shortsighted vision on their part validatesthe fact that until you change your inner realm, (your success blueprint or programming) you will be unable to produce and maintain the outer world results that you desire. As long as your inner success programing remains less than optimal you create tension that must get released. You will experience resistance from the universe as you reach for life levels that exist above your current success benchmark. You become out of balance with your inner programming and comfort levels, and eventually your mental programming goes to work resetting equilibrium. You just can’t help it. Self-sabotage and failure is usually the result.
Parts of your mind are really rather automatic by nature and require proper re-training and conditioning if they are going to serve you well. Left to their own devices without your deliberate intervention they can become the greatest limiting factor to your success, until you identify and fix inner beliefs and conditioning about success, wealth, and abundance, this may continue to be the case. I’m not trying to discourage you or freak you out. But… If your inner success game is inadequate to provide the life that you dream of then you must take action at the root of the cause. You must have an inner change where success is concerned before you can achieve the outer world results you seek. Outer world manifestations are a reflection of your inner pictures. The one precedes the other. You must focus on your personal development plan as a part of your business plan to succeed in this industry.
Long term wealth, financial freedom, happiness, and fulfillment require more than a system that generates more wealth alone. It requires the entire success formula, personal development, all of the ingredients. Bringing about the necessary inner change is the first requirement for wealth, lasting happiness, abundance, and great success in life.
Remember this formula: T+F+A=R.
Your Thoughts lead to your Feelings, which affect your Actions, which produce your Results. Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results. Money, health, and happiness are all results. Wealth and abundance are results. A loving relationship is a result. Your success in MLM is a result. The house you live in and your career is a result. Good health is a result. Freedom from depression, fear, anger, addiction, resentment, and hate is a result. The freedom to choose the life path you seek and follow it passionately and profitably is a result.
Both your Thoughts and your Feelings are inner realm issues. They emerge from three of the four planes of existence. These planes include the Mental World, the Physical World, the Emotional World, and the Spiritual World. You must engage all four of these realms properly and harness their power for optimal results in your life. Your feelings and your thought energy are inner realm aspects that exist in mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. The results you reap are the outer world or physical plane manifestations of this equation. Your actions are the bridge between the inner realm and these outer manifestations. This is a principle or a spiritual law of nature.
Let me illustrate a problem we see again and again in the MLM arena. Far too many people, even when they provided a proven cash flow producing system, fail to reach the level of success, happiness, and abundance they desire because they haven’t rightly applied these principles of wealth, success, and financial mastery. Until then, the cards remain stacked against them. The cash rushes in – and then the cash rushes out. There’s no joy or satisfaction in it. Their thermostat is not set for abundant levels. Some never seem to even get off the ground even though they have in their possession the tools to generate great wealth. They become blamers citing a multitude of reasons for their failure ranging from the company, the training, their sponsors, etc. Thier inner realm simply will not support the abundance they desire. There foundation crumbles when they try to add too much abundance to their life.
Remember Mike Tyson the boxer? How could Mike Tyson loose his three hundred million dollar fortune and end up bankrupt during the 80’s? He could have afforded competent advice to help with his money. He could have afforded the best mentors, teachers, and gone to all the best seminars out there. So was Mikes money troublea result of poor financial literacy alone, or do you think his internal success thermostat might have had some other problems also? What inner beliefs and values may have driven Mike to make decisions concerning his fortune that were less than optimal? You be the judge. Do you really think it was all just “BAD LUCK?”
In contrast to Mike Tyson let us consider the case of Donald Trump. Donald was a multi-billionaire who lost it all and then some more. Imagine being more than a Billion in Debt!!! Yet, after Trump lost his fortune, he went right back to work and recaptured it within a few short years. We are talking billions here! His internal thermostat is set for gigantic proportions. His success thermostat fuels the fire and absolutely will not let up until great abundace is again achieved. There is no rest from the internal tension, drive, and pressure until happy equilibrium is again established.
So where does this leave you? If you want to know the level your success thermostat is currently set at, It’s not too difficult to determine. Consider the consistent themes of your life in regards to money, success, happiness, abundance, joy, and fulfillment? What have been the consistent themes throughout your life? How successful with money have you been on average? Are you a a high, low, or moderate income earner? How would you describe your relationships with other people on a consistent basis throughout your life? Do you consider yourself to be lucky or unlucky? Do the circumstances in your life generally work in your favor or against you? Are you melancholy or jovial most of the time? Do you feel lucky or consider yourself to be unlucky in life. Etc…Etc….In other words, what do your consistent life results look like? Can you identify a theme?
Consistent themes begin to describe your success blueprint and what it’s currently set at. This has absolutely nothing to do with what you desire to achieve, your dreams, or your plans. This is simply a representative sample of what your results have looked like. If you are less than happy with your consistent results then welcome. You’re in good company and it’s time to get busy with your self-improvement plan for Abundant Life Success.

The following is a small sampling of truths about success. I’m going to be sharing more of these simple truths that can make a big difference on my Blog Site under the MLM success tips tab. Also if you are interested in the 3 biggest things that hold most people back chained to a life of Debt and Mediocrity and how to grab a hold of an mlm opportunity and Rocket to Success click the above link. Drop in say hellow and tell us what you think.

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