Celebrities and We Mere Mortals Love Perfumes

As with many other people, celebrity or not, I want to go out smelling great, it creates an air of attractiveness and cleanliness. If you are lucky enough (or not as the case may be) to be a celebrity then you may have your own signature perfume to perpetuate your fame and add to your bank balance.

Using celebrities to promote perfume is not a new idea, and sometimes using an up and coming star can bolster a failing promotional campaign. It all started with Elizabeth Taylor with White Diamonds, it was such a success that it paved the way for both celebs. and perfume makers.

In the early days celebrity involvement was more of an endorsement of an existing perfume, however, nowadays they work closely with the perfume creators to make their own signature fragrances even Michael Jackson and Cher jumped on the band wagon.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the more recent celebs. to release perfumes in her name such as, Glow Still, Miami Glow, Love at First Glow amongst others. Celine Dion is another star to have success in the perfumery department as is Shenia Twain and Naomi Campbell. Its not only female celebrities, Donald Trump, for example, of The Apprentice TV show fame has his own perfume innovatively named “Donald Trump”, it has peppery and spicy fragrance ideal “por homme”. David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Banderas are also amongst the glittering male stars that have signature perfumes.

Meanwhile back to the lady celebs. Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Boynce Knowels are relatively new stars that have jumped onboard the signature perfume train. Boynce’s fresh, clean, floral fragrance, “True Star” is perfect for girly girls. If you like the smell of white chocolate and coconut cream then Jessica Simpson’s “Taste” will entice you spray this one all over but be careful you don’t want to end up as someone’s desert or maybe you do?

The perfume industry can look upon a celebrity as a possible savior to falling sales and conversely a celebrity sees the industry as a potential cash bonus. At one time a perfume’s longevity could stretch to several years because, in those days, people remained loyal to a particular brand, however nowadays with so many stars involved in perfumes, the trend setters want the latest, newest and what is hip and trendy.

Despite all this Hollywood glitz and glamour we, as mere mortals, should not lose sight of what suits us best regarding the choice of fragrance. Your perfume should be chosen with care, don’t think for a minute, just because you buy a bottle of “Donald Trump” that you are going to look like him, maybe that was a poor example. But, joking apart, as we are all very different, some perfumes may not smell as good on you as on others and although you want to remain loyal to your Hollywood hero or heroine, at the end of the day, you are you and not them.

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