Consultations With TWG Vol. 2

Hello readers! How are you all today, and this week? It’s been a week or so since I’ve been able to talk, so here I go! I’ve looked over my last article, and figured that my formula will be like this; I will have 1 section for a wrestler, 1 section for current WWE News, and 1 section for a random peice, maybe even taking some requests on topics. As well, I’ll be doing a small, short little segment called “Cramming with TWG” that will take on just a short little issue that I have or a piece of wrestling news that I couldn’t “cram” into the article.

Section 1: Gregory Helms

Stand Back! There’s a neck injury comin’ through! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved Gregory Helms ever since 3 Count. Helms has come a long way since then, and he’s done alot in his WWE Career; WWF European champion, WWE Cruiserweight champion (2), World/WWE Tag Team Champion (2, Kane/Rosey), and WWF Hardcore champion (who can ever forget Wrestlemania 18, huh?). As well, he won the Wrestling Observer’s Gimmick of the Year (2001) as Hurricane Helms.
It’s been a while since we’ve seen Helms in the ring, and I saw that he made his return to the ring last week at the TV Tapings for ECW/Smackdown. We all know that in 2007 Helms was put on the sideline due to two broken vertebrae in his neck, and that he required surgery to correct this.
So, he’s coming back. And, to my understanding, he’s coming back as the Hurricane (with some modifications, of course). Now, I wonder if the WWE will give him some sort of tag team (we all loved Rosey, and his status with the Superhero…yeah, you guys know the rest), or if they might kickstart the cruiserweight scene again.

With wreslters like Helms, Chavo, Jamie Noble, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Jimmy Wang Yang, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, and Paul Burchill…the WWE Cruiserweight scene could have a nice little kickstart with a nice Battle Royal to crown the new champion, and have the belt be on a 24/7 rule (to help with the brand split), and that the CW Champion (to my liking, Helms) would be able to be on any of the brands , and even Superstars, to defend the belt. Gregory Helms is the answer to the WWE’s problem of lack of wrestling. ECW and Smackdown are full of great matches, but without a proper title, that talent kind of goes to waste. I mean, if they are just having a match for the match’s sake, I don’t really understand the logic behind it, especially if it’s just a filler match with NO storyline meaning what-so-ever. So, why not have Helms be the new champ, and jump in the bandwagon of great, entertaining wrestling?

Section 2: Slap in the Face, or WWE ‘s “Trump” Card?

Everyone was so sure that Ric Flair, the legendary master of the Figure 4 Leg-lock, was going to come down to the ring during the 3-For-All Raw, and be announced the new Raw General Manager. Oh man, was I cracking up when Ric Flair, the supposed saint of Raw, didn’t even show up on the episode, much less mentioned in the least. I mean, the show was being shown from Charlotte, which is Flair’s hometown, and with all the talk of Flair wanting back into the ring/wrestling in some capacity, people think that this was a sour move for the WWE to take. However, the Trump idea/angle has worked in the past. Remeber back in 2007, during Wrestlemania 23 (Road To Wrestlemania 23), that when Trump was on WWE television, ratings went through the roof, and actually got national news (CNN, and CNNBC both did lengthy stories on how Trump was ‘broadening’ his business ventures with a risk).

News=publicity, and publicity=money. Trump made the WWE a whole bunch of money back in 2007, and the buy-rates for WWE Wrestlemania 23 were higher because of the inclusion of the Hair vs. Hair match between Vince McMahon (fronted by the recently released Umaga), and Donald Trump (fronted by former ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley). All in all, it ended in a beer bath with the guest referee; Stone Cold Steve Austin, with McMahon’s head shaved. Now, back to the original topic; the new Trump angle. Trump as the ‘owner’ of WWE Raw. What a concept. One of the most powerful people in the US, and he owns a global entertainment outlet. Publicity, once again, comes with great profit and revenue. Say it with me, class, “Publicity=Cash!” Very good! Now, I don’t know where this angle is going, and I don’t know where it will end. All I know is that the 3-For-All Raw brought in a very respectable 3.5 in viewership, so WWE’s Trump Card must be working somewhat.

Section 3: CM Punk=Face, Jeff Hardy=Face. Uh…How’d They Do That?

CM Punk cashed in his MITB to face Jeff Hardy for the title. Thus solidifying CM Punk’s tweener status. Maybe? CM Punk has, in the WWE, been a face for his entire career. Fans really like him, and he’s shown that he isn’t just the transition champion that people made him out to be. CM Punk, the same one, who won the MITB this year, and last year, has the potential to be the champion for a long time. However, with the over-ness of Jeff Hardy with the 13 year old girls, and 10-14 year old boys, I don’t see CM Punk really holding onto this reign any longer than his last reign. I mean, this was a confusing event. Jeff Hardy wins, Punk’s music chimes in, Punk defeats Hardy for the title…and the crowd is left with their jaw on the floor, with the the phrase “What…in the world just happened?” going through their head over and over again. What we, the fans, witnessed when Punk defeated Hardy, with the MITB contract, was the transformation of Punk from mid-carder, to main eventer. From babyface, to solid tweener. And Hardy, his descent into the mid-card status. Let’s face it, it’s been a long time that Hardy’s been in the spotlight, and this was just the thing to knock him on his butt for the time being. Here are my feelings on the two superstars;

Jeff Hardy. One of the most overrated wrestlers in the WWE right now, and he basically gets rewarded for being a perpetual screw-up. Look, he gets busted for drug use, and then he wins the title? What a great way to show the kids that you can be a terrible role model, and still get rewarded! Jeff Hardy has done nothing to excite me since his tag match days with Matt. WWE pushed Jeff to the moon, while they gave Matt a ridiculous angle with MVP and the US title. Jeff has had many matches that have made me go “Wow!” but, nothing that has a long-term marking on my mind, or in my opinion of his sub-par wrestling ability and/or his less-than-mediocre mic skills. In my mind, Jeff is just a glorified spot-monkey who got lucky in the WWE because of his status of his tag team in the 90s.

CM Punk. One of the guys in the back that I never really saw coming. One of the guys that I thought would have been another “Alpha Male” Monty Brown, or Christopher Nowinski, one that gets a little bit of time to showcase talents, and then kicked to the curb because of his lack of in-ring skill. One of the guys that could have been huge, if they didn’t put him out to be such a whiney, and weak champion. A champion who doesn’t go for revenge or redemption. A guy that could POSSIBLY be huge with the proper buildup, the proper booking, and the proper repackagement. Yes, straight-edge is fine, it works for him. However, have him be a true heel, and start having the fans hate him. You don’t want him to start a career like Shawn Michaels, and have everyone love you because of what you did in the past, and not the things that you do in the present.

Cramming with TWG: Triple H’s Generosity

I was reading a report about a 10 year old kid who got pushed down during a scramble for some T-Shirts that HHH were throwing into the crowd. Triple H dropped the rest of the shirts, went over the black wall, and made sure the kid was alright. He took the kid into the ring and then let the kid pose around the ring before heading back to the kid’s seat, and giving the kid a t-shirt, and a nudge on the chin.

What a class act that Triple H is. No matter how much we’re tired of seeing him on our WWE television, Triple H has proved time and time again that he is a class act outside of the ring, with the fans.

This has been Consultations with TWG, and you’ve just been Consulted.
How’d that feel?

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