Do You Think Paris Hilton Will Get Her Digital Video Phone in Time For Christmas?

When Paris finds out that there are Digital Video Phones available for Christmas, you can bet she’ll get one and so will her friends. Maybe when you get yours, you and Paris can become BFF like on her reality show.

I know it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas but you have to think about it if you want to get your digital video phone in time. The days are clicking down and you may miss out on the Christmas rush.

Why a Digital Video Phone? There so many reasons it will be hard to list them all so instead I will just give you the top 4.

The most important reason is that everyone will have one very soon and you want to be the first in your circle of friends and family. Show it off and you will be the envy of all. When your circle tries to get theirs it will be to late to beat and they will be caught up in the Christmas rush. They will have to wait a very long time if they get caught up in the Christmas rush and it will arrive after the holidays.

Even so, it will take you about 4 weeks right now to get yours, which is why I am sending this letter out. I want you to get your digital video phone right now so that when Christmas arrives you will already be enjoying your Christmas Present.

The second reason for wanting the digital video phone is that it shows great live action video of the person or persons you are talking to. That is, of course, if they have their digital video phone also! But not to worry, if they don’t have one yet, you can always call me until they get theirs, as I’m fun and very photogenic.

Or very shortly we will have access to Donald Trump and we can view him on his voice mail. You see “The Donald” already has his digital video phone.

Donald Trump also endorses the phone and the parent company with their extensive line of products. How many of his BFF and associates have their digital video phones? I am sure he will be talking to Paris about getting hers.

Another reason for wanting to have the phone before Christmas is so that on Christmas Eve or the morning after you can contact your family members that could not make it to celebrate with you. You can then celebrate this wonderful day together whether they have the phone or not. You’ll be able to call anywhere in the US for free using the digital phone service that comes with the phone if you have an Internet cable connection right now.

Oh, I almost forgot. Reason number four is that you can get the phone for free with a two year service contract. Contact me for details about how you can get yours before Paris and her friends get theirs and you can become my BFF or your current BFF can order theirs at the same time also.

You do not want to hesitate. When you read this letter jump right on over to my web site for more information. I will then direct you to the site that gives you all the product information for the Digital Video Telephone and the service contract. Contact me with the information provided and we can get you started right away.

Also, as a reminder. When you finally settle in with your digital video telephone, you will be spending a lot less money each month on your phone bill. Our digital phone service is one of the best values and we are the only company with mass distribution of the Digital Video Phone.

This is an instance where you can have your cake and eat it too! A brand new patented product given to you for free and a service contract that will save you money. How good is that? If you can find a better deal, jump on it but check the fine print!

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