Double Your Income in One Day!

It may seem absurd. Double your income in one day? YES, many of my colleagues and friends have done it. And, surprisingly, you may well have done it too without realizing it.

Think of your income in your first year after finishing school. Maybe it was $ 30,000. Good. Now, that was how much you earned in a year. And, at that time, you were proud of that annual income.

The next step is to see if you can earn that same dollar amount in a QUARTER (meaning in three months). Well, if your current income is $ 120,000, then you have already achieved that. But, I am thinking of a different definition. I am wondering if there has ever been a quarter in which your income was $ 30,000. Did you close a huge deal? Did you make a big commission check? Did you get a big bonus? Think about it and you may well realize that you have achieved this.

Next, has there ever been a MONTH in which you have ever earned $ 30,000 — or whatever your income was in your first year working?

Next, has there ever been a WEEK in which you have ever earned $ 30,000 ?

Next, has there ever been a DAY in which you have ever earned $ 30,000 — or whatever your income was in your first year working?

When you look at it this way, you may surprise yourself. You may realize that you did indeed get a big check one day for something you did.

What’s the best I’ve ever heard? A friend gave a speech March 2007 to 16,000 eager participants. He was the speaker right before Donald Trump. Those 16,000 people were eager to see Trump (not my friend) but they were in their seats for his speech. He taught the value of mentoring and his talk totally resonated with the audience that day. His mentoring program, at that time, was valued at only $ 1000 and at the end of his 90-minute speech a whopping 1,000 people ran to the registration tables and bought. 1000 purchases at $ 1000 each came to a totally cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS in two hours. That is my record.

In his first year of working after school, he earned about $ 12,000 — OK, that was a long time ago. So, in TWO HOURS he once earned 80 times what he earned in his first year after school. Eighty. Wow. But, he is not boasting.

I am encouraging you to boast about yourself. What’s your best story?

Leave your best story here as a comment to this article. Or, just use this article to inspire yourself to earn in a DAY what you once earned in a whole year !! has been teaching his true wealth secrets for over a quarter-century so you can double your income doing what you love.

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