Five Ways to Build Wealth Online

The good news is the economy is bounding back. People have more confidence in their futures and that means they’re ready to buy again.

That’s great news for YOU. When millions of people are ready to make a purchase, you can be the one who gets a big fat share of the BILLIONS of dollars that are being spent.

I don’t just mean you will earn a good income, but you will build true WEALTH. Wealth is when you put a system in place that pays you big bucks month after month for life.

Think of Donald Trump the New York real estate tycoon. His thousands of tenants pay him each month for space in his skyscrapers. That funnels millions into his back account monthly.

Bill Gates, the creator of MS Windows, gets a nice check every time someone buys a PC computer. Even though Mr. Gates may spend his day working on a hobby, with his kids, on vacation, or just taking a nap — he’s earning millions.

That, my friend, is WEALTH. But you don’t have to be Bill Gates or Donald Trump to have wealth.

Simply put a system in place that pays you month after month, year after year, while you do little or nothing to earn it. Lazy? No, it’s smart. I’m sure you will agree when you see how I do it.

Here are five steps for building a genuine wealth system online:

1. Build excitement. People sign up for a business opportunity or buy a product because it lends some excitement to their lives. Of course, they may want a product because it’s useful, but the model that promises a more exciting and interesting life will always be the one most people pick.

Don’t be afraid to show your true excitement and enthusiasm for what you are selling. In fact, make excitement the centerpiece of your offer.

2. Use video. Video is the most effective wealth building tool on the Net. Most people would rather watch a video than read pages of text. Your video doesn’t need to look like it was produced in Hollywood. Recently I’ve seen highly effective videos of a guy talking in front of a white board and another where a woman talked about her opportunity while showing photos of her home in the tropics, her great family, and her luxury automobile.

These things are simple and they work.

3. Embrace automation. These days you don’t have to lick stamps or attend meetings or send out zillions of emails. Use a good autoresponder system that takes advantage of all the sales and sign ups you can get simply by sending follow-up emails.

Follow up anytime someone shows interest. Follow up again after the sale. Follow up with training, advice, and additional products they might be interested in.

ALL this can be completely automated so you set it and forget it.

4. Work what is HOT. There are always products, ideas, and business ideas that capture the imagination of the moment. They get a buzz and people start joining in droves.

Those are the opportunities to work. Catch the wave of popularity and ride it to success.

5. Pay attention to residual income. That’s where you collect a percentage from others who do the selling. This is how you get multi-thousand dollar checks rolling in month after month for years. It’s the every day person’s way to wealth. Just ask all the many people who earn in the six figures every year online even in the worst of times.

Use these five guidelines to get your own online income source that earns money hand over fist for months and years. All it takes is a little ambition and patience. Use the power of billions of people online to build your wealth for life.

Paul Kohn is founder of . See his popular business opportunity that combines all five guidelines to let anyone build true wealth. Watch the exciting video for complete details.

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