Hillary Clinton just suggested she's not 'establishment.' Come on.

Hillary Clinton just suggested she's not 'establishment.' Come on.
The whole thing devolved into one of those Volume Level 10 stretches of the debate. But first, Hillary Clinton started off low and slow — as if to say, 'I am a serious as a heart attack here, America.' Here's how the Democratic debate exchange between …
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Feminists Melt Down Over Unlikable Hillary
That would be Hillary Clinton, America's supposed feminist icon who barely squeaked past wild-eyed, tufty-haired socialist Bernie Sanders. According to the latest counts in Iowa—counts that may yet be challenged by the Sanders camp—Clinton “won” by …
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Hillary Clinton's new unlikely ally in email controversy: Colin Powell
Hillary Clinton gained an apparent ally Thursday in her fight to limit the political damage from her growing email controversy, as former Republican secretary of state Colin L. Powell said he disagreed with a State Department decision to retroactively …
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In debate, Hillary Clinton boasted that she is supported by Henry Kissinger
One of the emails suggests that Clinton saw Kissinger as her role model. Kissinger infamously insisted “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” In his book “The Trial of Henry Kissinger,” the late journalist …
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