Hillary Clinton Wearing Chanel Watches

Hillary Clinton Chanel J12 Watch, while not the only watch she has ever been seen wearing, former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was just seen wearing a white ceramic lady’s Chanel watch. I wonder what less known timepieces Hillary might have. Thanks to Eric W. for sharing the image with me.

She is seen wearing the simplest version of the watch – meaning it doesn’t have any diamond decoration. Though it does appear as though she is wearing the automatic mechanical version of the watch. The image above is from a State Department press photo of Clinton while talking to a boy’s softball team in Azerbaijan. Clinton is wearing the watch right next to a pearl bracelet. Clearly she was intending the white to go with her outfit. Her husband Bill is a well known watch lover and probably got Hillary into timepieces. While the Chanel J12 is a nice watch, it is extremely common. Probably the most popular luxury women’s watch around the world today, the Chanel J12 single-handedly made ceramic the “it” material for luxury watches. Timermall watches.

Based on a serious of photos Mike gives to me, I finally confirmed that what Angelina is wearing is a designer watches. And it seems that this replica Rolex watches is one of her favorite accessories in recent days.

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