How To Know Your Man Better

I had a friend once say that she was done with men for a while. I asked if she was ultimately going to be happy without men in her life. She thought about it for a second and said that it would at least eliminate the hurt that had come with all her previous relationships.

No more fighting, no more emotional let downs, no more lack of connection, and no more break-ups. I then asked her if she could get rid of all her relationships with men and she admitted that she couldn’t. Whether it was one of her brothers, a colleague at work, or her father, she still had to deal with those beasts called men.

For some reason this made me think of Rosie O’Donald.
I brought up last years Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump battle that boiled over into every news and entertainment show. For a while it seemed as if there was no shortage of coverage. Rosie would insult Trump and then Trump would insult Rosie and on and on. I can’t honestly say who even started it. My point was that no matter what, every woman is going to have to have significant, life changing relationships with men, even if they happen to be a rich, high profile lesbian celebrity.

The results were conclusive: Trump re-enforced his brash, take no prisoners, “You’re Fired” persona and brand while Rosie for her part, lost a great gig on a great show for women. What’s lost in all of this is the point that Trump fully understood what his audience: mainly older, mature males; while Rosie failed to understand hers: stay at home moms. As rich and powerful as Rosie was, she failed to fully understand what The View audience wanted from her and lost her job because of that.

The media was even asking Trump if he was going to sue and Trump brilliantly declined. He knew the added cost wasn’t worth it. He also knew that it would hurt his brand. If he sued Rosie it would just look like he was piling on a defenseless woman, albeit a rich and powerful one.

I realize that Trump was less than complimentary towards Rosie. Some have even called him a misogynist and a sexist pig. Whatever you think of him, he won the battle with Rosie and got millions of dollars of free publicity to further his brand. You can argue the merits of this point all you want, but the results speak for themselves. Trump knew his audience and prospered while Rosie ignored her audience and paid a high price for that.

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