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Sanders Beats Clinton 49-49; The Real Story Behind the Iowa Numbers
So, watching Hillary Clinton lose to Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucus was indeed both a hard thing to observe, but it was also just a part of the game. The only harder thing to watch this political season has been the slowly engulfing irrelevance of …
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Questions on Speeches to Goldman Sachs Vex Hillary Clinton
Joe Trippi, a longtime Democratic operative who is not affiliated with this year's candidates, said that Mrs. Clinton would be wise to turn such questions into an answer about her proposals on raising taxes on the rich and being tough on banks. That …
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Paula Jones: I Can't Believe Bill Clinton Has the Nerve to Campaign for Hillary
Paula Jones, who once sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, tells INSIDE EDITION how furious she is to see the former president campaigning for his wife. “I can't believe he's got the nerve to do it,” she said. “I can't believe he's still going out …
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