Marco Rubio's cautious campaign

Marco Rubio's cautious campaign
Marco Rubio is running a presidential campaign marked by precision, caution and discipline — so much so that the Florida senator delivers the exact same speech, jokes, quips and one-liners wherever he goes. When he addresses the media, his aides …
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Rubio defends legislative accomplishments
Earlier Thursday, Santorum, who ended his presidential campaign earlier this week after fairing poorly in the Iowa caucuses, said "it's hard" to name a significant accomplishment that Rubio has had in the Senate. He did say that Rubio has "tremendous …
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Marco Rubio's Latest Obama Attack Shows Him to Be Either a Spineless Coward or
Marco Rubio, the Florida senator and Republican presidential candidate, strikes me as a relatively sensible guy. He's more conservative than most Americans, but he's not mean like Donald Trump or belligerent like Sen. Ted Cruz. Rubio has shown signs of …
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