Money And Marriage – Strange Bedfellows?

One of the most successful businessmen in the world is notoriously unsuccessful at marriage. Donald Trump has consistently failed at marriage while he excels at making money and building his empire. He only cares about saving his relationship with what he truly loves – building, acquiring things, and accumulating riches. Brilliant in business, he has built a financial empire worth billions despite several bankruptcies.

It’s interesting to us, as marriage and relationship advisers to note that, whereas Trump has been immensely productive in buying and selling hotels, casinos, clubs and almost anything else you can name, he’s been a flop when it comes to producing a lasting marriage with a woman. He’s managed to sire a passel of kids, including at least one, at the time of this writing, with his latest wife who is 24 years younger than he; and he has more than a few grandchildren.

His passion and skill is obviously in building an empire and not in making women happy. That’s evidenced by a statement he made: “I just know it’s very hard for them [his ex-wives] to compete because I do love what I do. I really love it.”

Sounds a little like talk show host, Larry King, doesn’t it? King has actually surpassed Donald Trump in numbers of wives. He’s on his 8th marriage that’s shaky at best according to latest reports. There is no evidence of his trying to save any of those marriages (although latest reports say he and his wife have decided to make a go of it). Trump, on the other hand, despite any other liaisons he’s had, is only on his 3rd legal hookup at the marital altar.

Are they happy men? Well, think about it. Between the two of them they have had 80-10 serious breakups that all ended badly and probably weren’t very civil. In fact, if we were bettors, we’d wager that they were all out wars. Was the money and the power worth all the pain the wives, and possibly the husbands suffered – the anger, hurt, and frustration that resulted because neither one of these men was willing to do what was necessary to save at least one marriage? We don’t think so. Have they hardened their hearts so much that they just don’t care? Even if their wives were the ones who dumped their husbands, the way the men have conducted their lives has begged for trouble.

People like Trump and King may look happy on the outside (even though when you look at Larry Kings face during one of his shows, he doesn’t seem happy there either). But if The Donald was truly happy deep down inside, and were at peace with himself and God, why wouldn’t half a dozen successful hotels or casinos be enough? That would leave him time to concentrate on enjoying a loving, close marriage that he would do anything to preserve, and he’d still have some energy left over for a couple more hotels or resorts.

Why would King, who is at the top of his game as a TV talk show host, and given his abominable record as a husband, fool around with his wife’s sister instead of making his present marriage work? Why wouldn’t such men want to be a moral example for their children and grandchildren?

I would imagine that peace is an elusive state of mind for these men. They are trying to still a restlessness inside by using the power of the money they possess to find lasting happiness and love. We cannot know another’s heart, but the Bible asks a pertinent question: What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? And, we might ask, what does it profit a man (or woman) if he becomes rich and loses the one he promised to love the rest of his life? We’d say: very little.

We have no idea what’s in their hearts, but a question in the Bible seems to ring loud and clear: What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? And, we might ask, what does it profit a man (or woman) if he becomes rich and loses the one he promised to love the rest of his life? We personally think that is too high a price to pay.

Although you aren’t The Donald, or probably don’t have the power and reach of The King, have you found yourself married to something else other than your husband or wife? Does your job, sports, internet, hobby or friends mean more to you than the one to whom you pledged your life? Before you say no, ask yourself this: How many times in the last month have I chosen to spend time at work [or whatever it is in your life], rather than being with my spouse? If the answer is regularly, then you are on your way to weakening or destroying your marriage, rather than saving it; even if, on the surface, everything seems fine.

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