Online Business and Product Branding

If you have been following these articles you will remember that people make purchases from your online business because of feelings. They may purchase on feelings of passion about a subject, feelings of fear of missing out on a good bargain.

Any online business owner who is trying to make money at home has to understand their customer as well as their product. Most moms making money at home already know the value of branding from their weekly shopping expeditions.

People may also purchase on feelings of value and this is why so many top level marketers give away fifty E-books with every sale. It increases the value that the customer is getting.

The quality of the product is also important and must be stressed to the prospective purchaser so that they again feel that they are getting value for their money.

We also know that people buying online or anywhere for that matter are purchasing an outcome just as much as a product. Remember the saying: “Gym has arrived. Please send muscles!”

Our instant gratification wants outcomes as soon as the product arrives. This gives rise to many claims on the internet such as “Join now and get paid in 24 hours.”

People don’t want to hang around; they want to see their money working for them. The claim “Join now and develop a residual income in 3 to 6 months;” is also acceptable as it gives the purchaser a time frame between action and results.

Other purchases may come from people recognizing you.
This is called branding and it is estimated that the average person will see an advertisement seven or more times before they decide to do anything.

With online internet marketing it is almost like you need to be around for a certain time and have your emails and advertisements in front of people before people start to recognize you. This may be your picture on Twitter, articles in newsletters and Ezines or even email messages.

This really amounts to selling yourself.

We all know products that we trust but we may have never really looked at why we trust them. Maybe our parents used these products and they have a sentimental value to us. Maybe we have just made a decision through the advertisement that we can trust this product. Sure as eggs though we feel that we know this product and we know the brand.

The question is: “Do we then chose which check out point we exit the supermarket from?” The answer is often “no.”

This same principle is used on online business promotion where marketers use the branding of other successful well known marketers to give testimonials or they refer to these market gurus as being supporters of the product.

So branding works on many different levels.

First you can brand your own name or avatar or you can use the brand of successful marketers.

One of the businesses that is currently on the rise and is sure to be successful is the Donald Trump Enterprise this is branding at its highest level.

People will join this online marketing opportunity simply because the Trump name is on it. If you have the passion to sell then these are not bad ventures to get into.

Stephen Farrington is the CEO of Online Buzinezz that can be found at having begun the long and arduous path to successful online business development Stephen has committed to
helping others by writing about what he has learnt as he learns it.

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