Perfumes – The Best And Worst Celebrity Endorsements

The latest trend way in which celebrities to make the most of their stardom is to release a perfume that is endorsed with their beautiful faces. The perfume industry in the UK is massive and perfume manufacturers and celebrities both stand to make a lot of money if they manage to create and market a perfume that sells well. It is said that celebrity perfumes comprise a third share of the whopping 255 million pounds a year industry and it is no wonder that every celebrity under the sun is trying to scoop a piece for themselves.

It has even been stated that one in five young people in the UK own a perfume that has been endorsed by a celebrity. As a result the market has been flooded with perfumes that have been branded with a celebrity and many of these perfume celebrities appear to be dubious choices. There are some really bizarre celebrity perfume endorsements and here are the best and the worst.


Katie Price – Jordan

Katie Price’s perfume ‘stunning’ held top spot on the national sales figures for months. The perfume attracted a mass following that wanted to emulate the ex page three model and music performer. Following a successful book release and an even more successful fly on the wall documentary series about her life with husband Peter Andre the perfume flew of the shelves and represented an excellent move my the perfume manufacturers.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has long been the UK’s favourite model and it appears that there is little she can do to damage her popularity. Despite accusations of drug taking and a fiery relationship with Pete Doherty she has still remained popular with the general public and whereas many celebrities have crumbled under the close scrutiny of the press she has come out smelling of roses and maintained her image as a true English rose.

Christina Aguilera

Another extremely popular perfume took the success of the talented American singer and made her even more money. The provocative scent was said to emulate Christina’s playful sexiness and was extremely well received by fans. Another excellent choice by the marketing men.

The ridiculous:

Jade Goody

Why anybody bought a perfume endorsed by the notorious Jade goody is beyond me. It was sold with the literature that stated that the perfume was “sweet and enduring – just like Jade”. Titled Shh… the perfume did sell and made quite a bit of money. Proof that people will buy anything because let’s face it on the face of it smelling like Jade goody does not on the face of it sound too appealing.

Cliff Richard

The aging music sensation has in his career been the face of two perfumes. The thought of wanting to smell or be associated with this sometimes cringe worthy crooner baffles me but nevertheless the perfumes titled, devil woman and miss you nights did sell fairly successfully. Especially surprising bearing in mind that the perfumes cost around 15 pounds per bottle.

Donald Trump

Unsatisfied with his billions of dollars the comb over sporting business tycoon Donald trump decided to release a perfume in 2004. I struggle to imagine why anyone would want to be so intimately associated with the man but nevertheless the perfume was marketed with a price tag of 60 dollars for a bottle. The marketing blurb stated that people wanted to know him on “every level”. I for one found it rather unbelievable.

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