Personal Branding

What is personal branding? It’s not getting a tattoo with your own name placed a visible area of your body. It’s taking your name or face, however plain you might think it is and branding it on people’s minds. It can be for business or to become a household name for advertising. The actual application can be for anything.

Personal branding is a unique way of aquiring your title mentioned and people instantly recognizing your created product, even if your created product is your face. A great example is Donald Trump. When you all hear the title Trump you all know exactly who people are talking about, the title is branded on your memory.

Knowing how to brand your name is a bit tricky, most people think you have to have a catchy name or you have to change your name in order to attract potential clients. The fact is that your name is unique enough to market. Common names like Smith or Jones have often sought other names to accompany them but the branding still works.

If you want to market yourself as an entertainer then it’s paramount that you get your title in front of as many people as possible. Consumers have short memories when it comes to catch phrases but when it comes to marketing the people associated with the created product they tend to recognize widely found or uncommon traits. Branding is usually reserved for one human being so it’s best to choose a spokesperson to forefront.

Companies that are trying to sell their created product are looking for a brand title title; it can be a widely found title or a special title that sticks in peoples’ minds. Think of all the brand title names that you buy; do you know who the face of the company is? Personal branding moves the created product aside and helps the human being behind the created product shine as bright.

It’s all about impression, not how they see you but how you see them. There are bad impressions of people and many who see the personal brand title won’t buy the created product if they don’t believe in the title. The perception is key, creating a personal brand title that lives up to what people want is very important.

When creating an impression it must stay the same throughout all diversity. People see the brand, they see the person and they want to feel like they know the person as well. It’s also called personal identity, there are people you know from sight, and our memories are great for that type of recognition. It’s the product they want you to identify with, only it’s through them.

Placing your picture on the product is another type of personal branding. It gives those who shop for your product a clear path to purchase. Those who associate the product with the person have experienced expressive marketing. You react to their face, their personal brand and you will even defend them if necessary. Personal branding is a growing trend because in the world of business a photo carries more weight than a business card.

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