Personal Branding Success Steps

You hear it in videos an read about it in articles, Personal Branding. It’s not the same at product branding. Many have misunderstood what personal branding is all about. It’s more than putting a picture or video on a website.

Start with the end in mind. Who are you? There’s alot about you that people will want to know. You’re a Mom, a Wife, A Sister, a Daughter, a cook, a dog washer, a runner, an arobics instructor, a PTA volunteer and on weekend – you volunteer at the local soup kitchen. All of this is your personal brand.

You enjoy what you enjoy doing, and all of these add value to your life. They also create connection with other people who have similar interests. I love classic cars and that makes for a great way to connect with others who enjoy classic cars. Peple like people who have similar interests. You’ll also have some great conversations too.

When you think about personal brands, we think of people like Donald Trump, Oprah, Rachael Ray, George Foreman, Cher, Madanna, Garth, but these are major stars. What about you? You don’t have your own TV show, Music, or a big boxing career to help you. While this won’t matter initially, it give you some guide to go by. Look at all the books that Donald Trump has writen. Alot about who he is and what he’s all about.

Let’s start with your internet websites. If you’re just using the same website everyone else is using, you’re not being yourself and not putting your best foot forward. I know an insurance agent and his agence is his name insurance. On his webiste he has the logo for his agency, but no pictures of him at all. In fact, his website doesn’t tell a thing about why you should consider him for your insurance needs. He could easily put some pics up, share about his charity work, give details on what makes his agency different and his website would then be an income producing asset.

Remember, people buy from people they like. Don’t forget it either. So, how can people get to know you? You’ve got to share. Your story, pictures and videos, and by telling people what you do and what you are doing. All of this creates the connections that are the root of personal branding.

Start off with your story. How and Why did you get into the business your in. A fitness trainer might have gotten into the industry because their Mom died of a heart attack, or maybe they were fat as a kid and hated the way other kids treated them. Next share what makes you passionate about that? Why do you enjoy cooking? What’s your favorite recipe? Who inspired you? There’s so much to personal branding that will really take your business to another level.

Don’t spend too much time planning. Be a doer. Just write your story and post it to your websites. Take some pictures, make videos and apply what you learn each day. Learn about blogging and get one right away. It’s the action part that’s most important.

Jay NaPier is a Internet Marketing Success Coach and an Independent Team Beachbody Coach with Team Beachbody NaPier resides in White House, Tn and recommends P90X

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