Ted Cruz Attacks Sean Penn—and Here's Penn's Response

Ted Cruz Attacks Sean Penn—and Here's Penn's Response
At an addiction policy forum in Hooksett, New Hampshire, on Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner of the Republican Iowa caucuses, turned his talk about the awful consequences of addiction into a rant against…illegal immigration. And, of course, the …
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Why Ted Cruz Isn't Seeing an Iowa Bump
Ted Cruz delivered a come-from-behind victory in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, surviving withering assaults from Donald Trump, the ethanol lobby, the state's popular six-term Republican governor, and the entire Republican establishment in Washington.
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Cruz campaign voicemail said Carson was 'suspending campaigning'
Washington (CNN) Ted Cruz's campaign staff called Iowa precinct captains Monday night to tell them that Ben Carson was "suspending campaigning" and that they should alert caucus attendees in an effort to sway voters. Cruz precinct captain Nancy …
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