Top 3 Secrets To The Best Business Card

Did you know that with the few important rules in mind you can design the best business card yourself? You can also easily turn any business card into a powerful and effective silent salesman.

Your goal should be to design card that reflects your values and type of business. Business card crowns your company and speaks volumes to your clients. Therefore, think big! Even if your company is small or just starting up, your card needs to project strong, reliable and well known business. Take Donald Trump beginnings. He was handing out his Trump Organization business cards, when he was the only employee in his small home office.

So how can YOU create your successful card?

Undoubtedly, the most effective card combines good layout, design as well as good feng shui energy. Finally, there is a simple and effective guide that can help you easily create your own business card. It can literally, turn your card into a silent salesman by optimizing its feng shui for maximum profits.

Lets take a look at some of the top secrets from Egora:

1. If you own a business and want to generate big profits, a logo is important. It differentiates and brands your business. It also makes your company stand out more, as people tend to remember logo easier than just business name. A business with logo has credibility and affinity power and can easily convince consumers to choose your business over your competitors.

A good logo should bring out the essence of your company and induce good feelings. For instance ” two caring hands” logo for Allstate Insurance Company, induces feelings of safety, protection and help. This is further highlighted by company slogan: “You are in good hands.”

To achieve same effect, your logo needs to be simple, distinct and unforgettable Most importantly, you need to consider good selection and combination of colors, shapes and proper type of font. Right choices can create powerful logo with good feng shui.

There are also things you need to avoid. Do you remember Enron’s logo? It has a huge feng shui problem. Most people look on the logo from the left to right or the top to bottom, and that’s exactly how the company ended up. Additionally, all logo colors are arranged in a weakening sequence. Very bad! If you’re interested, you can see more examples of good and bad logos and logo design guide in the Egora Feng Shui Business Card e-Book.

2. After you design your logo, you need to decide what other information you will include on your business card. Egora Feng Shui Business Card e-book covers in detail all 15 items that might be added to your card. It also makes recommendations for specific types of businesses, covers bonus offers to increase sales and other good to have card enhancements.

3. However, one of the most important parts of your card design is to arrange all card information properly. This task is easily done using the ancient Bagua Tool, which divides your card into nine segments.

In order to create well balanced and harmonized design, Egora specifies which items can go to each segment. For instance, according to feng shui principles, top row is suitable for the most important components such as Personal Name, Company Name, Personal Picture, and Product Picture. It represents success, triumph, power, fame, trust, growth and expansion. What belongs to the bottom row? Absolutely nothing important!

Bottom Row on the other hand is for miscellaneous information only. Many people put their Personal Name or Company Name there. That”s bad feng shui. For instance, your name in the bottom row spells out a lot of unnecessary stress, hard but fruitless work and no sign of future improvements.

Each column and row have its own important significance. You need to be very careful how you arrange the information to avoid creating an inauspicious card.

With all this information in mind you can use any of the 36 feng shui Egora business card templates that suit your needs. Designs cover small business owners, network marketers, individuals with magic products, start ups, bosses, medium and large companies, etc.

There are additional designs that will get your business to break the 1 million dollar barrier as well as one of the best business card designs for big established companies that has potential to generate multimillion dollar businesses.

By applying ancient feng shui principles when designing your card, you bring the essential harmony and balance to your card. You spent less time fighting the invisible natural forces and more time building strong and profitable business.

Stop guessing and start designing your success today!

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