Top Secret to Better Network Marketing

A Key Secret to Better Network Marketing Success That You Probably Have not Considered

As you encounter challenges and make decisions in your MLM business, who are the people you look towards for advice? Are you tring to do it all yourself or do you have a support system? If you don’t, here is a powerful system you can use to start putting an advisory group in place and it’s a system you can start using right now, regardless of the number of people you may know or have in your network. Join a group like MLM Dynasty Leads for your online group and support.

You must say if it’s got to be it’s up to me if you want to become a Gguru in the mlm industry. It’s time that you stepped up and owned your leadership in your business None the less, there are times when you do want some additional guidance some time you will need to access other people’s experiance

Ewon Whynes is the owner and Trainer of “MLM DYNASTY LEADS” and is one of the most powerful and passionate speakers I’ve ever seen. The notion of having your own personal board of directors is an idea Ewon speaks about.

Your Board of Directors is a group of people who you can consult with and from which to seek counsel when it comes to areas of your business. They are there to advise you in the affairs of your business.

So how do you decide who you want to serve on your board of directors? With respect to your business, one of the key considerations is your income goals. It is said the you can tell what your income will be by the 5 closest people you hang out with. Let us suppose that your goal is to earn $ 1 million in the next 12 months. If that is the case who are people that you are going to put on your Master mind team, who are already earning $ 1 million or more in a year?

If you are sincere about your goal then you want to recognize those five people and place them onto your board. The cool thing about this is that they need not necessarily even be aware that they are a part of your Master Mind. You can take counsel fromthem even if you have never met them , simply plug into our weekly webinars and training calls.

For example, perhaps you would like to have Donald Trump on your board of directors. There are many ways to plug into Donald Trump and benefit from his experience. You can do that through books that he has written , audio he has recorded and interviews he has granted. These are all ways of tapping into and masterminding with a member of your board of directors even though you may never have a personal conversation.

What that means is that you are not limited in terms of who you can place on your Master mind. Indeed you can let your imagination run wild and really put a lot of creative thought into who you would like on your board. Once you have established your board of directors ( or master mind group), the key is to ensure that you consult and meet with them regularly. Which ever medium by which you choose to use to do that, make a habit of plugging into their teaching and advice regularly.

This concept is not just for business . Take the time to identify each of the key areas in your life where you would benefit from having a board of directors in place. For each area you have identified, start brain storming the names of advisors you would like to have on your board. Then go about selecting the five people who are going to sit on that particular board based on the knowledge base and level of demonstrated competence for that particular subject area.

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