Why ACNinc Reps Need Some Seriously Stupendous MLM Marketing Strategies

Read this if you are looking at joining or have already joined ACNinc so that you can ensure you know the best mlm marketing strategies to achieve success.

ACNinc is the World’s largest multi-level marketing (MLM) company offering telecom services and other services and also provides independent distributors a chance to create a home-based business. ACN started operations in the U.S in 1993 as American Communications Network. It extended operations to Europe in 1999 and to Asia-Pacific in 2004, and now operates in 21 countries, on three continents.

ACNinc provides the following product range:Local & long distance landline telephone serviceEssential services such as Local & Long Distance Plus HighDSL Internet, satellite television, wireless servicesCanada Energy and Home Security servicesThese products and services are targeted at the consumer market and in addition targeted at businesses.

ACNinc offers an opportunity for you to start a business working from home. “Is this opportunity for me?” you might ask. Well don’t let the fact that you are working from home fool you into thinking it will be some novelty hobby or a free ride. It involves work and perseverance, but the rewards are limitless and second to none.

The problem is we have been conditioned by society to think small and get a job (J.O.B – just over broke), save money and invest in a pension to then retire at age 65. Unfortunately, these strategies are no longer fit for the current economic climate. Who do you know that has followed this strategy and has retired rich? They simply do not work. Can anyone be rich? That’s up to you to decide how much you want it. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right. Step up to the standard.

There are many reasons that a job just isn’t going to cut it any longer. Many businesses have decided to increase profits by outsourcing work to India. This is only going to increase as more and more people look to the internet for ways to generate an income.

If you are someone who is looking to increase your income, wealth and lead you to a richer life, who do you choose to listen to? Your broke family and friends? Your broke financial advisor? Or would you choose to learn from the richest men in the World, suchas Warren Buffet, Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki. These three gentlemen all recommend Network Marketing. You see many people who come from an employee mindset think of owning a business as self employed. But self employed is worse than a job. You own a job and then have the stress of business added on. You see, true business owners understand the concept of leverage. They leverage people or systems. The internet allows you to set up systems that when generating income become assets. They can put money in your pocket whilst you sleep. That is true leverage.

ACNinc like most mlm opportunities will give you the potential to finally earn what you’re worth. Once you have built up a downline, you will have the flexibility to eventually work when you want. It depends how large you want to build your organization and how big your goals are. Donald Trump advises to “dream BIG”. 🙂 Then you will have the freedom and time to enjoy life.

ACNinc taps into a trillion dollar market where it offers consumers an improvement of a product they already need. When building a network marketing business it is our main objective to build residual income through recruiting hundreds of distributors. We all need these services now, and they are not going away in the near future.

ACNinc’s Compensation Plan

By helping newly sponsored reps recruit more reps, you will earn a weekly Customer Acquisition Bonus. You can also get paid residual income from the customers using the products on a monthly basis.

A good compensation plan is obviously essential, but it should be a priority to join a company and team that has the best training, especially if you are new. It is vital you know how to market your business and generate leads.

ACNinc training, like most mlm companies, usually offers training on prospecting, but not lead generation. Their mlm marketing strategies are to write a list of everyone you know (your warm market) and have you approaching your friends and family. However, this usually causes you to alienate yourself from friends and family. This is what gives our industry a bad name. Ask them all once and then leave them alone.

Focus your attention on generating leads by being creative and learning new skills.

The rejection from friends and family can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. You have to be a leader. If your friends and family knew what they were doing when it comes to money, they would be wealthy. Many people do not take the time to develop the skills needed to succeed. They simply winge and complain and blame the mlm company for their failures. Leaving the industry shouting from the rooftops – “mlm scam” or “pyramid scheme”. This is FALSE! It is vital you become educated and then implement what you learn. Experiential knowledge is golden.

If you wanted to be a doctor, you wouldn’t wake up one morning, head to the nearest hospital and start working on someone’s brain without the 11 years of medical training, would you?!

The message is simple

People who are losing in MLM need to learn to be patient and persistant. STOP complaining and get some education about how to be successful. Get some mentoring from someone successful who is winning in MLM/network marketing. Know that this is a business and it takes time to grow. You will not see results immediately.

Yes, ACNinc will give you great training on mindset and prospecting, but they will not teach you how to generate your own leads. You need to learn internet marketing. The internet is a powerful source for traffic and leads. This can also teach you how to generate income from a variety of places. This might be through Affiliate Marketing (product referral sales commissions). Once you know how to market online, you can market and sell anything.

However, your primary focus for long term should be building your downline and helping your downline build their downline. This will build you residual income – an asset.

Get more MLM marketing strategies so you can explode your lead generation.

To gain access to some invaluable training and simple system that your ACNinc upline will never teach you click here . True business owners leverage systems or people so they can have time freedom.


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