Why Would Somoene Join Network Marketing

So, why on earth would anyone join a stupid Network Marketing company? Only because its one of the most lucrative home based business opportunities around. Network Marketing is an industry in which anyone can get started in for less than $ 100. Its an industry so incredibly powerful that people like Donald Trump have started their own Network Marketing companies.

Now lets clear something up. Every heard someone say, Network Marketing is a scam, its a pyramid scheme. First of all, those people are idiots and you want them out of your life.

There is no changing those people so just let them be. Network Marketing is not a scam. Do you really think people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki would be involved in the industry if it were?

Well, if your somewhat intelligent then the answer would be no. Donald Trump even started his own Network Marketing company. Network Marketing is not just a job, its a business where you can work for yourself. You can work when you want and wherever you want. No other industry provides such time and location freedom as this industry.

Network Marketing is not about selling or recruiting, its about sharing the dream and vision of being wealthy! Seriously, its all about sharing the dream and the vision of being wealthy with other like minded individuals.All you have to do is find others seeking financial freedom and share your vision with them. Its very simple and that’s why Network Marketing is so great!

If your looking to earn a full time income the easy way then Network Marketing may not be for you. Network Marketing requires some hard work and a lot of effort in order to see any results. You need tools, systems and a lot of people to talk to. So if your looking to get started in Network Marketing, go ahead and get started, just don’t think it will be easy!

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